Saturday, March 19, 2011

A girl, A goat, and A glass of milk

Today I couldnt wait to get off work. I rushed home to Hubby. Together we went up to a nearby dairy goat farm. We went to see a breeder about buying a nubian goat. We left with so much more. the breeder and her husband enamored us with a two week old goat kid. They kindly let me bottle feed him. I would have took him home with me if allowed to. He was so cute! Next we met their 4 month old cow. The cow liked me only because I was covered in milk from the baby goat spilling everywhere. The breeder and her husband called the herd of goats and all came running. Bringing up the rear, was the very heavily pregnant doe. They guessed she would deliver tonight. yes, my friends, we got to inspect the mucus coming from you-know-where... The breeder showed us how to tell when the doe is close to kidding (giving birth). We got extremely personal with her goats :) We met Kisses, the goat that would leave there with us. Kisses is a 3 year old doe. We think she is (and hope she is) pregnant. The breeder said last year Kisses had twins. Imagine that! Since our whole reasoning for having goats here at Victory Garden Farm, is to get milk, eventually we will have to have a pregnant doe. Since Billy is not old enough or interested enough, we could either buy a pregnant one, or take ours to a stud. We thought we would add Kisses to our herd. We talked, and played with the animals, and talked some more. If ever there was a couple knowledgable about goats, it would be these two. The breeder asked if we wanted to milk one of the goats. Of course! Her husband asked if we had ever actually tasted goats milk. I sheepishly had to answer that I hadn't. At least not that I could remember. Into the milking room we went. John had built a milking stand (hint hint hubby...) that enables her to milk. Once the goat was in place on the stand the breeder explained how to do it. Contrary to what most people think, there is no pulling on the teat. They gave Hubby and I small cups to try the milk. Amazing. We drank it cool from the fridge. I could have drank way more, but didnt want to be rude. Once I was done with my glass, I got to try my hand at milking. The first few squirts were awkward, but then I got the hang of it. I am no where near fast, but I can do it. Hubby got to try too, and between the two of us, we got a small amount. Her husband strained it for us, and put it in a jar to take home. I am proud to say that the milk in the fridge is milk we milked ourselves! Thats a first for sure.

Eventually we made our way down towards the house. We got to meet, and play with the hogs. They are off to the butcher tomorrow. It might seem sad, but really its not. These three hogs have had an amazing life outdoors. They were allowed to root up the old garden plot, play in the mud and do what they were meant to do. Yes, they are going to end up as food. At least they have had a good life, and didnt grow up in a concrete pen like most hogs. The turkey is happy and fat. Chickens and ducks roam free, and are locked up at night for safety. The goats and cow happily graze in the pastures. No matter what the future is for any given animal, it should be allowed the chance for a good life.

After playing with the hogs, we gathered up our milk, and our new goat Kisses. Hubby and I needed a drink, so we stopped at McDonalds. On the way there, Kisses had peed and pooped in the car. Hubby, always thinking, had anticipated this, and laid a tarp down on the floor of the back. When we stopped, I took Kisses out so he could dump out the tarp. I know she is a goat, but we didnt want her laying in her filth, even just for the short car ride. Imagine, pulling into a McDonalds parking lot. There, acting like it is an everyday occurance, is this crazy girl with a goat on a leash. For once, I was that crazy person in the parking lot. Although, when its you, it doesnt seem so crazy. Armed with ice teas and a clean tarp we headed back home.

We are letting Kisses meet the herd slowly over the next week. We want everyone to get along, and eventually they will. For tonight they are seperate. Everyone got an extra ration of hay and no one is complaining.

This girl is going to have a glass of goats milk tonight before bed. Just a usual saturday at Victory Garden Farm, or not...


  1. She is so pretty! Is that The McDonalds in Littletown??

  2. aww thanks! Right now she is waiting out the storm in the barn. Poor thing... yeah its the McD's in Littlestown. We need to get together sometime soon!