Thursday, January 20, 2011

they call it progress

I got off work early today. Rushed home to take care of the animals. I thought maybe the

goats would like to be out on a tie out with fresh food. So I took the first two goats (the big ones) down to the woodline, where there is still leaves on the brush. I had them each on a tie out and they were happily enjoying their brush. Then the poor little billy goat bleated. Note- these goats have wanted nothing to do with billy, even shooing him away when he gets too near. Well, I guess today they decided that it is the worst thing in the world to be seperated from their billy. 2nd note- I was on my way up to bring the billy and Jackie down to join the others. Jumpy and Meanie (the temporary names for the big ones) started running towards billy. When they reached the end of their tie out Meanie jerked back. Jumpy just kept running. Her collar busted and is still tied down to the tree. She raced back up to the pen and stood at the gate to be let in. Now Meanie was wanting to run too, so I unhooked her from the tree and ran with her back up to the house. Both goats were let back into the pen, where they promptly ignored billy once again. So much for freedom and green leaves.

On the homefront, since I was off early I got to work on the kitchen. Hubby is still at work, so I started laying the brick backsplash on my own. I am at a stopping point (waiting for hubby to pick up more caulk from Home Depot) and I thought you might enjoy some pictures. Keep in mind it is no where near done, but its progress!

PS check out the corners we put in the cupboards! They are porch corners that we painted white and glued in place. I ordered glass shelves just for the open ones. Hopefully it will all look nice!

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