Sunday, January 23, 2011

late night kitchen updates

I couldnt sleep, once again tonight. After taking a bubble bath, in hopes of relaxing and falling asleep, I am now quite awake. Hubby finished morter-ing the kitchen. Check out the almost finished pictures. The big debate is what color to paint the inside of the cabinets. Remember, there will be glass shelves, and no doors. Our options are as follows- paint them (just the insides) green, to match the living room. Or blue, because I like blue. I am leaning towards green, since it will flow nicely into the living room. We need to paint them, because the holes and screws are very visable now. I am thinking we will cut some beaded board panels, paint them green and stick them in the back of the cabinets. Thoughts?

The pictures are of the kitchen as it stands right now. The dirty dishes in the sink are due to the fact that the hot water line is frozen and I cant run the dishwasher or do them by hand. I already tried boiling water to wash a round this morning...ulgh!

Oh the farm side of things, our cat Mittens, who ran away and then returned is in the cat's version of a dog house. Before he ran away he would pee on the bed randomly. Gross I know! So we were kind of relieved when he ran away because we didnt have to worry about cat pee anymore. Buttons, our female cat never has accidents. Mittens returned a week or so ago, and until today has been fine. This afternoon I discovered that he peed on one of my favorite quilts (not the new one), through the quilt, bedspread and flat sheet. So Mittens and Buttons are confined to the bathroom. With plenty of water, food, a clean liter box and soft places to sleep. The chicks are locked up in the downstairs bathroom. Which leaves one bathroom, thankfully the one with the tub, available for showers/bubble baths. Tonight's temperature is supposed to be in the single digits. I felt awful for the dogs outside. Even if Jack has the thickest coat imaginable. I made them a dinner of rice, pureed carrots and chicken (such a difference from their normal kibble) and they have spent the evening inside where its warm. As I write they are curled up on the bed with Hubby. Two 60 pound dogs and a husband take up most of the bed.... Whiskey is looking way too skinny! I am not sure if its due to the temperature outside or something else. We have agreed to feed her wet food and house them inside as often as possible. Hopefully that will help. If not, then its off to the vet.

Off now to push my way into bed... hope everyone has a good night!

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