Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pardon the mess, we are remodeling....

At least right now we have a good excuse for a messy house- we are remodeling the kitchen. It all started with a sink I got from my parents for christmas. the sink was slightly bigger (ok loads bigger) than the previous sink. No biggie, we will just redo the countertops. and move the dishwasher. and change the cabinets. and we need new lighting to go with. and a new backsplash. and what color to paint? But I do love my sink. Double farmhouse style. The old sink was a single basin. I hated that I couldnt fill up one side to soak and rinse in the other. I complained to my mom, and for chirstmas she had hubby get the sink and put it under the tree. Way to go Mom and Dad! Way to go hubby!

The kitchen is looking better, but not nearly done. We put the last of the countertop in yesterday, and the sealant is drying right now. Our plans changed for the cabinets when we found out the cabinet doors were discontinued. So we moved them around to make what we had work. Ill post the before (with the green backsplash), and the current (with the new counters, but no backsplash). Hopefully soon I will post a "finished" picture.

Once the counters are done, we can move the kitchen items back in. They are currently taking up residence in the dining and living rooms. I can't wait to have my house back!


  1. fun! we went through a kitchen remodel (still isn't done!) it can be exhausting! Love that you got a farm house sink- we have one too and love it!

  2. I really think we are twins... so far I love the sink, just not the mess...