Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bucket List: What do I want to do before I kick the bucket?

A couple weeks ago, my amazing parents, challenged the whole family to come up with a family bucket list. Things we want to do together (if possible) in the future. My dad had a great idea of a missions trip. How amazing would it be to serve on a mission, with my whole family? Now, I have gone on my fair share of missions trips, but only ever with the youth group. During high school as part of the youth, and in college as a translator. I really hope we can make it work!
Today Hubby and I tried out a new church. And what was their sermon on? Part 2 of a 6 week series on, you got it, Bucket Lists. Was it a coincidence? I think not. As my mom always says, its a God thing. Right on the money! I was talking with my parents this afternoon, and they encouraged me to put my list in writing. I protested, not wanting to commit. I am completely guitly of what the pastor called, the curse of "someday". I dont want to write down my list, because it will become real. I am perfectly fine, talking about how "someday" ill do this and "someday" ill do that. Without writing anything down, I have no list. Therefore, I dont have to do anything to acomplish my list. Whether or not I write it down, when I am honest with myself, I do have a bucket list. I like to refer to it as my life goals, but in essence, its my bucket list. I think bucket lists are forever changing. What was on my list in college, is different from today. Todays list might be different from my list in 5 years. As it stands now, here is my list. I am sure after I post this, I will think of 20 more things. Ill post those as I think of them. Here goes the list-
* adopt and/or foster a child and/or children. This has been heavy on my mind lately. Maybe because Hubby and I arent pregnant yet. Maybe because I think of all the children, who dont have loving parents. Maybe because I think of all we could offer a child(ren). God must have a reason for not giving us a baby yet. I am not going to push it, but I feel we are meant to adopt and/or foster first. My dad was adopted, and that is the greatest gift my grandparents will ever give me. If only I could give that gift to someone. I am not sure how this will work financially because adoption is super expensive. I do trust that if it is Gods will, he will provide.
* turn our farm into a working business- My goal is by next year, to be able to stay home (or at least work part time) and run the farm. I am so sick of working and trying to keep the house clean, food on the table and still have time for hubby and me. I work because we need the money. I hope next year to be able to make enough off the farm, to be "ok". Not get rich. I dont think there is a huge market for goats milk and cheese. At least not enough to get rich on. I would be happy if the farm would pay for its self. If goat cheese brings in enough to pay for feed. If selling eggs brings in enough money to cover chicken feed. We will be ok. I want to focus on knitting, and establishing an etsy shop.
* volunteer- I would love to be able to volunteer somewhere. A womens shelter, homeless shelter, working with kids, fostering, etc. There has to be more than just going to work, eating and sleeping. Some of my happiest moments were when I was in Mexico, working with the needy. No showers, no makeup. Just real. Real people, real emotions, real faith. I might not be able to up and move to mexico, nor do I need to do that. But i want to feel that I am helping a greater cause.
* restore an old farmhouse. On a more selfish note, I really really really want to live in a super old farmhouse. With scuffed floorboards and creaky doors. It wont be for a while (considering how we just bought this house, which I love). I want to live on a real farm. With fields of hay, and cows (or more goats). I want the quirks and challenges of an old house. I want to go to bed at night, under my antique quilts, and think of all the people who have slept in the house before me. Maybe thats what I am trying to do with our house here. I hope when hubby retires, we can move somewhere with an old farmhouse and a big red barn.
That is my bucket list so far. I dont think its exactly what my dad meant by a family bucket list. Nonetheless, its my list. Sure, I have other goals to be worked on daily. I want to cook more meals at home, lose weight, etc. Somehow those dont seem bucket list worthy. So, mom, dad, heres the list I promised...hope you aprove.

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