Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some snow, a happy dog and green paint

Right now it is snowing like crazy! I am hoping work is cancelled tomorrow (but doubt it). Hubby is off for the next two days. Doctors orders after he poked himself in the eye pruning the fruit trees. It would be nice to get things done around the house. Although I am sure he wishes I work tomorrow so he has the day to himself. Guess we will have to wait until tomorrow.

The kitchen is sooooo close to being done. Its killing me! We painted the backs of the cabinets green to match the living room. Currently it is drying. Hopefully later tonight I can get everything back in the cupboards.

Whiskey is loving being inside the house. Jack could care less where he is, as long as he is with Whiskey. Hubby took WHiskey on a car ride to the post office earlier, and Jack just about went crazy... Whiskey follows us around, and Jack follows her. If I sit, she sits. I am in the office, she is guarding the door... I love these dogs!

The chicks are growing like weeds. We need to get them in a bigger brooder box as they pretty much take up all the room in their current one.

Of the bigger ladies, we have two molting Rhode Island Reds. Let me tell you, this is not a pretty process. I thought they were sick, until a friend corrected me. They are pulling out their feathers (all so they can grow better ones in a couple weeks). They dont look very good. But they are eating and clucking, so I guess they arent dying. We are down one rooster (thank you hubby). He was mean, and would attack anyone who came near his ladies. While this is great and all, I am no threat to MY ladies and he just didnt understand. So we went from 3 roosters to 2. Much more manageable.

The rabbits have a sad story. I had all three rabbits together in one (large) hutch. I figured this would be best for warmth at night. What I didnt know is that one was pregnant, and gave birth. I found a frozen baby two days ago. Rest in Peace. It never had a chance in this freezing weather. When rabbits have liters, they leave them alone for hours at a time. The point in this is to distract predators from noticing the babies. This works in the warmer weather. When its 9 degrees outside, a baby left alone has not a single chance. Poor thing (or things since there is evidence there were more). I am happy to report, that the rabbits are now each in their own cages. With nesting boxes, individual feeders and waterers. Hopefully tomorrow we will pick up some more cages, if the roads are accessible.

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