Sunday, May 5, 2013

Watch Out for Ticks

We have been enjoying incredible weather this week!  I love when the weather cooperates and we can be super productive.  Along with the nice weather however comes ticks.  ulgh!  Growing up in California I never had to worry about them.  I remember going to visit relatives in Arkansas as a kid and my mom would have to check us girls for ticks.  Well the other day I was at Target and went into the restroom.  I looked down at my feet in flip flops and noticed what I thought was just a bug.  I tried flicking it off.  That didn't work!  I bent down to see what exactly it was, and to my horror it was a tick!  Normally I would have pulled him out with tweezers or a match, but being in the Target restroom I had neither on me.  I wasn't going to go home anytime soon either.  Thus my friends I had a dilemma.  I could leave the tick on my foot and wait until I got home to remove him.  Or I could buy tweezers at Target and remove him right away.  Despite the fact that buying tweezers when I have a perfectly good pair at home is definitely not frugal, I opted to spend the money rather than take any chances with the tick.
  I know that when I am going into the woods or tall grass it is advisable to wear long pants and shoes.  That day at Target I was wearing flip flops and workout pants.  I had only gone to the garden from the front door.  Somewhere in the 50 feet from the door to the garden I got a tick.  Yikes!  Not even my yard is safe. I was thankful that the tick hadn't made his way too far into my foot and came out easily head and all...

  Do you have ticks in the area you live in?  How do you deal with ticks? 

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  1. We do, so we also have to check the dog when we return home from a walk.
    I remove them with tweezers and clean the skin with iodine or if that's not available, alcohol. Keep an eye on it for a few days and make sure there is no red ring around the spot. If that happens you have to go and see a doctor.
    I usually protect my head and neck with my hair and a cap or hat and my skin with sleeves and long legged trousers or long skirts. And indeed, flipflops are very nice and comfy, but they don't protect you from ticks. Or from thistles.
    Hope you have a great day, without ticks!