Thursday, May 9, 2013

Use What Ya Got

During nap time while nannying, I have been browsing Pinterest. Pinterest is an extremely dangerous place for me. Typically I would see a project, go buy the materials and proceed to make said project. However, as we are on a limited budget, and my Pinterest projects always turn out way more expensive than I plan, I can't do what I would typically do. I have now been trying to get inspired by Pinterest, and then figure out a way I can make do with what I have. I have been moving things around, painting, and purging. We have an old gate in the garden, which I set up behind a galvanized laundry tub to be used as a planter. I planted peas and geraniums. Hopefully the peas will climb up the fence. My only cost was the peas, which we had bought already. I have been trying to spruce up our back deck without spending too much money. Let me tell you that spray paint is now my best friend! We had these boring black chairs that were starting to chip and look kind of ugly. Instead of buying new patio furniture (which definitely is not high on our budget priority list) I just painted what we have and they look completely new. Check out the difference between the black and green. Love it! To me the green screams spring and looks so happy!

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