Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dandelion Jelly

I love canning, and I love frugal things.  When I first read that you could make dandelion jelly, I had to try it.  Weeds are free and abundant on our property.  I immediately set out to pick as many dandelion flowers as possible.  When making dandelion jelly you want just the yellow head part.  Next I plucked the yellow leaves off the head and let them steep in boiling water for a day.  Following the recipe I proceeded to make the jelly.  I was thrilled when it worked!  Dandelion jelly tastes just like honey, and is way cheaper.  Hubby gives it two thumbs up as well.  Wanting to take advantage of dandelion season, we made two more batches the following week.  Can you imagine how tickled I was when I got a text from hubby saying he was picking dandelions for me during his lunch break?  So far we have made 28 jars of jelly.  I think that should be plenty to get us through the year, if only we would stop passing them out to people...


  1. Lovely! But don't use all your sugar and jars up yet.... it's strawberry season now and will be raspberry season soon... and wine berries.... and peaches....


  2. I can't wait until jamming season really gets into swing! I was thinking of taking the kids I nanny to Baughers to pick strawberries. They would love it and then I could make jam. We have a few berry bushes but not enough to jam with. Hubby loves foraging in the woods for wild raspberries but they tend to be pretty sour. Do you have a good "source" of berries?