Monday, May 6, 2013

New (Used) Mower

I have never been so excited about a old mower before!  We have been attempting to use our push reel mower on our property.  This mower would be ideal if our grass wasnt so tall.  However our grass is way too tall and thick for the poor little mower.  Since our budget is incredibly tight, we thought we wouldn't be able to afford a new mower until a few more paychecks.  The thought of the grass getting even longer and taller was killing me.  So I turned to good old craigslist again and searched for a mower.  I knew we needed a self propelled model (our front yard is a hill).  Eventually we will need to get a riding mower (most likely used on craigslist) but for now a push mower will be fine.  There were only a few within our budget, but I managed to score exactly what we needed for only $80.  The key to craigslist I have found, is to be willing to pick it up right away.  I usually offer less on the condition that I can come right now.  If I want them to hold something for me usually I will pay the asking price.  This mower was on craigslist for $100 and I paid $80.  Never hurts to ask!  So now begins the hard part of actually mowing.  We started around the garden boxes, so that the lawn would not be so inviting to ticks.  We will move on to the front yard as soon as we are satisfied with the back/garden.  My arms, back and legs are aching but I am so excited!

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