Sunday, April 7, 2013

What A Mess!

Just thought I would show everyone what a mess my place is right now.  Trying to unpack and organize at the same time is a challenge!  


  1. I've had the dubious pleasure of numerous moves - including international ones - at the request of the Canadian military so I understand the challenge. My first priorities in a new house are: a place to sleep, a place to make breakfast, and a place to brush your teeth. And only worry about the box in front of you - you can do this.

  2. Good advice! I can't imagine an international move. Did you take all your belongings with you? When we first got here and had no water, we bought bread for toast. Hubby would run to 7-11 for morning coffee since we couldnt even boil water. It does get overwhelming if I look at the big picture. I keep telling myself that each one thing put away is one less. Thanks for the support!