Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sock Time

I love knitting socks!  There is just something so simple about making them.  Once you know the basic construction, the possibilities are endless.  Socks are definitely a labor of love.  They take a good amount of time to make.  Especially if you have big feet.  I recently decided that hubby needed a pair of hand knit socks (he doesn't have any...not a one!).  I cast on and began knitting.  I tried making him socks once.  I made the first one and ran out of yarn.  He has size 13 feet.  Which explains why he has never been on the receiving end of my socks-for-everyone quest.  Even making socks for my size 10 feet takes a long time.  Hopefully this sock I am working on now will have a mate.  Otherwise it might turn into a dusting glove like so many single socks before it.  I needed a project that is thoughtless (this is a simple stockinette pattern) and can be thrown in my purse for on the go knitting.  This is also a great project for night time stump burning!

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  1. I too love knitting socks and my dad is now self-sufficient eh me-sufficient in socks ;)