Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let There Be Peeps

They are here!  We got chicks and ducklings this week.  Hubby and I had decided that during this "figuring it all out" period we would try not to get swept away with all the farming possibilities like before.  That said, we did decide to get chickens for now.  We have 14 little chicks of a variety of breeds, and 2 ducklings we couldn't resist.  Can't wait to watch them grow and develop personalities. 
We also started clearing out the garden from last year.  We got some lettuce and rosemary planted thanks to hubby.  I am looking forward to the planting season and having the beds full again.  For now, clearing them out is a definite start!  Whats going on at your place?  Do you garden?  Have chicks?


  1. I dream of having both a garden and chicks. I am beginning to note down in a notebook what plants I want etc.

    1. I think an idea book is so important. I had a binder that I would put magazine clippings and notes in. Now I mostly use Pinterest.