Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So Blessed

God is good!  Less than two weeks since moving back I got a job in my small town doing what I love!  I had been planning on looking for work, and was presented with this opportunity to nanny for a family in my town.  As my mom would say its a "God Thing".  According to the US Census Bureau, there are 975 people in my town.  There is one bank, one stoplight, two restaurants and three liquor stores.  My chances of finding a job in my town were basically nil.   We are about 30 minutes away from any town.  You can drive in 4 different directions to towns, but they are all about half hour.  So working in town I thought was my only option.  The main problem with that, as I found out before, is that my whole paycheck would go to gas.  I had been offered a retail job in town, but at the pay rate, it wouldn't be worth it.  It was hard to turn down a job offer, but knowing that after gas and other working expenses we would only be netting $100-200 for full time employment.  I decided to trust that something better would come along.  I knew that either I needed a good salary for a town job, or something decent yet closer to home.  And that's what I ended up with.  Less than 5 miles from my house is a fun family who needed a nanny.  Full time, four days a week I get to spend quality time with some adorable little tots.  I thank God for providing exactly what I needed.  I don't think I could handle the stress of retail or office work right now.  I know childcare can definitely be stressful and its not all cuddly and cozy.  But God knows that I need down time.  I need to sit on the lawn and blow bubbles.  I need chubby baby army reaching for me.  I need snuggles and hugs, and that's exactly what he gave me.  I am so incredibly glad that I didn't settle for the retail job. My prayer was not that God would give me something specific.  My prayer was that God would show me where I need to be.  And I believe He did.  So my friends, I encourage you to trust that God will provide, even (and most especially) when you don't see how.  He knows just what you want and need, and in time he will provide. 


  1. So sweet, Jessica! Amazing to see God's provision for you :).

  2. Oh, that's wonderful news! So happy to hear that your prayers were answered.