Thursday, May 19, 2011

Putting up Fences

Our chickens officially have a fenced in yard. This came as a result of them getting adventerous, crossing the street and checking out the neighbors yard. Our neighbors have been awesome (they even said they dont mind the roosters! thanks!) but if the chickens are going to visit them, they are also hanging out in the street. My fear is someone will come flying over the hill and not see the chickens in time. Also, being completely free range means they wander into the woods and we have lost 2 ladies so far. Until we can get an "real" fence up for them, they are confined in their smaller yard. We made the yard big enough that no one is crowded. Its annoying trying to get into the coop daily, but for now they are safe.

Today, the meat chicks graduated to outside housing. They are temporarily living in a chain link enclosure on the side of the barn. We will put up bird netting at the top to deter hawks. They have the dog's old house for shelter from the rain and sun. There is grass and dirt for them to peck around at, and in general way better living conditions. We are trying to figure out a more permanant housing situation for them, the pullets and the turkeys (all seperate of course). Like the chicken fence, this housing works for now....
The pictures are the veiw off the bedroom deck. Check out the amazing garden boxes my family built! Ignore the lawn tractor and tiller...

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