Sunday, May 8, 2011

A family Affair

My mom, dad, and two sisters are here to visit! They came in last night all the way from California. We are working here at the house (its the first time my dad and sisters have seen it) until tues. On wed, we are all going to NYC, hubby included! We spent today assembling raised garden beds. All the veggies we planted in the ground are not doing too great. Not that they are dying, they just aren't thriving. The whole family worked together to get the beds "made". My sister J, learned how to use the miter saw, and enjoyed cutting the boards down to size. My artist sister A, spent the afternoon painting scenes on our bee hives (that will have bees hopefully next week!). Dad and Tim assembled the beds, while mom and I pruned bushes, helped level and weed the beds, and removed all the veggies until we can replant them tomorrow. I am amazed at how much we were able to get done all in one day.
The family that works together, plays together. Or in our case, eats together. We ended our wonderful day with a dinner out at Bonefish. Considering how today is Mothers Day, we wanted to relax and celebrate our mom. We shared a many good laughs at the table, and filled our bellies full of good food. We are now fueled for another day of work tomorrow.
On Mothers Day, I am surrounded by my amazing family. Thank you mom, for being the perfect mom for me. And thank you for giving me such a wonderful family. I cherish my family and love spending time with them! I think everyone will sleep well tonight, and tonights rest is well earned. Sleep well family, sleep well!

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