Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bees, chipmonks and laundry

Friday I got an email saying the bees were ready for pick up this weekend. Today was our only free day, so this afternoon Hubby and I drove to pick them up. I had nightmares about driving home and somehow upsetting the box of bees and having a truckful of angry bees. Thankfully the ride home was uneventful. We did buckle in the box, just in case. Once home, we set the nuc (the starter box) on top of the hive (artistically painted by my little sister). Tomorrow, we will transfer the bees into their new house. We are super excited that they are finally here.

On another note, Buttons the cat met her first chipmonk today. She ate the tail and then decided to let it live. I think they are forming some bizarre sort of friendship. Maybe the little monk is thankful Buttons spared his life.

We finally got the laundry lines hung. When my family was here, we cemented the poles. Ever since then it has been raining. Laundry has been piling up inside. Today is the last day of forecasted sun before 9 straight days of thunderstorms. We got the lines up and the sheets hung to dry. Hopefully it wont rain until tomorrow and they will be clean and dry.

Hubby is napping as I am writing. This week has been exhausting for everyone. I am also painting a bookshelf. Check back in later for the pictures...

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  1. I'll be interested to see how your bees react to your hive box since part of it is painted with red and black. Black is a sign of danger to bees, and because of UV lights, bees "see" red as black as well. So they will most likely see a hugh blotch of black on the hive box. I was taught never wear red or black around the hive boxes and never paint your hive boxes red. The only time I've ever been stung was when I visited a friend's hives and was wearing a black sweatshirt. Keep us posted.