Friday, January 24, 2014

Would You Have Bought This?

A couple weeks ago I stopped by the little antique store here in town and came home with this beauty.  You totally would have bought it too right?  I mean its gorgeous, who wouldn't want it?
Ok, maybe I brought it home because it had yellow (one of my favorite colors, especially to decorate with!) and the store owner gave me a good deal.  Know what it is?  Its an old car hop tray from sonic.  The car hops would bring your food to you and this tray would hang on the car door while you ate.  Pretty cool huh?
I cleaned it up with lots of scrubbing, soap and hot water and now it found a home on top of my suitcase stack in the living room next to my favorite reading chair.  The tray is perfect for setting down a book, cup of coffee or pen and notebook.  I am so glad I didn't dismiss it as ugly and dirty.  I think its a gem!

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