Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday- Date Nights at Home

Date nights can get expensive real quick.  Even something as simple as dinner and a movie can cost around $100.  Hubby and I are always trying to find fun, frugal things to do for a date night.  When we moved into this house we discovered an antique pin ball machine up in the loft.  It was too large to fit down the stairs (the owners originally got it up in the loft by renting scaffolding!) so they just left it for us.  At first we thought it didnt work.  We were bummed.  We tried plugging it into a second outlet.  No joy.  Just when we were about to declare it another decoration, Hubby found a switch underneath.  Hallelujah!  Let there be light, and noise, and pin balls!  Hubby and I immediately had a pin ball tournament (I won all rounds... by a lot!).  I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone leave them a super cool pin ball machine, but I am betting you can find something in your house to do on a date night.  We can buy a bottle of wine, make a pizza and play pin ball for next to nothing.  Or we can go to a pizza parlor and pay out the nose for pizza, beer and not nearly as cool arcade games.  To us the choice is obvious... we will stay home.

  If you have date nights, do you choose to go out or stay in?  What do you do to keep costs down?  We are always looking for more frugal ideas.  Until then, I will be trying to maintain my pinball champion title!


  1. Oh that is so cool Jessica! When we go out we like $1.50 Costco hot dog and soda. We kind of consider any night we have dinner by ourselves as a date night, so tonight we made chicken Picatta and are watching The Sing Off on the computer :)

  2. Jessica, I love it that you and Tim like to have date nights when you can concentrate on being with each other. Papa and I always chose Friday night as our date night. If our budget was a bit tight, we would park on West Cliff Drive and talk..and talk...and smooch. :) We wouldn't always get finished and end up talking in the garage before we went in. After children, we would hire a baby sitter for every Friday night and it didn't count if we went out with another couple. Friday was "our night."
    God bless you and Tim,