Friday, January 10, 2014

Fiber Friday- A New Sweater

I am so excited about today's post!  I have been in a knitting craze lately and all I want to do is knit.  This holiday season offered a lot of quality knitting time and I was able to start and finish a big project.  Typically I knit small things- shawls, socks, baby items, etc.  I kept putting off knitting a sweater for me because I said I would wait until I lost weight.  I didn't want to spend hours knitting a sweater and then have it not fit.  I have a whole list of sweaters that I want to knit "once I'm skinny".  Who knows how long that will be since I am not actively dieting.  Why shouldn't I knit a sweater for me, right now, as I am.  I found a flattering sweater pattern and dug through my stash of yarn to find something that would work.  I didn't want to have to buy yarn (and I didn't!).  I wanted to knit a sweater to tell myself that I am good enough just as I am.  Sure, if I lost weight there would be a larger variety of sweaters that would look good.  But until then, my life is not on hold.  I am good enough and damn it, I want to knit a sweater.  So without further ado, I am happy to introduce you to my sweater to celebrate me and all of me.  The pattern is Hey Teach! and is a free pattern that can be found on Ravelry.  Hubby lovingly made me buttons out of antlers.  This sweater is a true compilation of our two strenghts.  Other than the yarn, everything is handmade and that makes me so happy!


  1. A fantastic blog with a lot of useful information. I would love to get updates from you. Keep blogging. All the best.

  2. Lovely! A sweater for me is next on the list here. I am working on Flax by tincanknits (also a free pattern). I have thought about making it a short sleeve shirt...which would work great for you in TX!

    1. The Flax sweater is gorgeous! I love all of Tincanknits patterns. Short sleeve would be a great idea, especially like you said in Texas. I can't wait to see yours finished!