Saturday, July 20, 2013

Using The Library to Save Mulah

I have never used the library as much as I have since moving back (well other than during school).  Each week you can find me at the library at some point.  Often more than once!  Hubby and I watch most of our movies and shows through the library.  Its so easy to request them online and stop by to pick them up when I am in town.  I try to take the kiddos once a week or every other.  During summer the library offers many kid programs.  Last week we stopped by and story time just happened to be starting.  The 3 year old and 11 year old enjoyed it.  The baby lasted about halfway through the program before I had to take him out and walk around in the stroller.  Story time at our library involves reading books, crafts and singing.  And its free.  The kids love it!  I think our librarians do an awesome job with the kid programs.  There is a large kids area with kid friendly computers and train playsets.  The real train tracks go right by a huge window in the kids area.  J (the 3 year old) gets excited every time the train rumbles by.  We usually check out books to read and have a special library basket.  The 11 year old can check out books and movies.  We try to have some special time for just us during the boys naps.  Usually this involves reading, movies and/or knitting.  I enjoy checking out books and movies for Hubby and I.  I can monitor my account online so I know when items are due.  That means there is less of a risk of overdue items, which is always a plus.  Utilizing our library has saved us so much money.  They typically have the same movies as a redbox (you might have to wait a little while) and I like not spending over a dollar per movie.  There are so many homesteading books that I can't wait to read.  Right now Hubby has some woodcarving books checked out.  His grandpa used to carve wood and Hubby really wants to try too.  I have a dvd "Homestead Blessings" about making dairy products.  I just requested the rest of the dvds in the Homestead Blessings series.  Each dvd covers a different homestead topic.  I am excited to watch them.  Next time I am in town I have to stop by since I have items on hold.  Do you use the library? 
Last week's story time was all about rhyming and Humpty Dumpty. 
The 11 year old loves helping the 3 year old.
Goober loves playing on the train. I love that its carpeted and the stairs are not too high.

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  1. Isn't it great? We use the library all the time. Mostly for dvds since we cancelled Netflix. Did you know you can get email notification when an item is coming due? The email arrives the day before. That's nice when it is a DVD and the fine is $1/day.

    I do lots of digital downloads for audio books that go on my ipod.