Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thrifty Thursday Dresser Re-do

It seems that recently I have been pouring my creative output into redecorating and fixing up the house.  I find delight in taking something ugly, or even just so-so, and sprucing it up into something beautiful. I have been sanding, priming, painting, hammering, drilling and so much more.  If there is a paintable/changeable/drillable piece of wood nearby I can not guarantee its safety.  Today I want to show you Hubbys bedroom dresser that I recently repainted.  This dresser used to hold yarn in the knitting room but has since been allocated to the bedroom for Hubby.  The dresser was just kind of "blah". 
Oh sure, I loved that it was an antique, and had super cute drawer pulls and a good overall shape. However the wood was water damaged and nothing to write home about.

  I emptied all the drawers out and dragged the entire dresser into the living room.  I had been browsing Pinterest for inspiration and knew I didn't want to paint the entire dresser.  This is for Hubby after all and a dresser needs to have a little exposed wood to be masculine.  I painted the frame white and stained the drawers and top with a dark stain.  I like how the white pulls out the white in the drawer handles.  Not being completely satisfied with the dresser, I decided to paint a herringbone pattern on either end of the dresser just for kicks.

   After painting I rubbed it with a wood polish from Home Depot.  Now that its back in the bedroom I can say that I absolutely love it!  So does Hubby (but I think he doesnt really care one way or another, as long as he has a dresser for his socks and whatnots) even though this was more a project for me.  What do you think? 

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  1. Can't say I'm crazy about the stripes on the sides, but you did an amazing job with that dresser!