Tuesday, March 19, 2013

For the Love of Mason Jars

I am sure most all other homesteaders will agree with me when I say that mason jars can be used for virtually anything!  There are the obvious uses in canning and food storage.  Pinterest has a million decorating ideas for mason jars.  With a few accessories you can add a multitude of new uses too.  Today I want to show you just one of the many ways I use mason jars.  I bought this cuppow lid at the local feed store (or you can check out cuppow.com).  It sits on top of the jar in place of the usual flat canning lid.  Then screws on the ring, like normal and in an instant you have a travel mug!  This is a great way to take water, tea or green smoothies along in the car without worrying about them sloshing over.  If you have kids, then you could do juice (or you can do juice if you don't have kids but just really like drinking juice).  I wouldn't advise putting hot coffee in it, for obvious reasons.  One disclaimer I would add is that it is NOT spill proof.  Just a heads up (speaking from personal experience).  I love that a mason jar is useful whether its dressed up or just basic.  I like that I dont have to store different cups.  We use mason jars for our daily glasses.  I can just grab the lid if I want to go somewhere, thus eliminating the need to have normal cups as well as to go cups.  Whats not to love?


  1. Very smart idea! I love to use mason jars I can't use for food anymore as flowervases, simple but cute.

    1. The other day I was in Whole Foods, and they were selling mason jar bouquets. The flowers were pretty, but the price tag was near $20- just because it was in a mason jar! Yet another use!