Friday, March 8, 2013

Extra Income

This month, for a few different reasons (some to be announced soon) finances are super tight. I love my nannying jobs, but needed to take on something extra. Thankfully we have family friends who run the food operations for our local amusement park and D League Basketball team. They were incredibly generous in giving me some weekend shifts. This past weekend I got to work at the Santa Cruz Warriors game. For the night I felt like I was back in high school working at the Boardwalk. The uniform hasn't changed much since then (nor has the food). Next weekend I will be back in the arena serving beer and hot dogs. On Sat morning I am also proctoring a CBEST test for extra income. That is all to say that in the course of one week I will be working 4 different jobs for 4 different people. I am definitely not above taking on extra work when the money gets tight. What are other ways you earn extra money?


  1. Sell thing you have/made or offer your service to older people (cleaning, groceries, errands)

    Good luck!

  2. Good idea Lisa! I am going to try and focus on my etsy shop (which I think has nothing right now) once I get back to MD and can unpack my sewing machine. I didn't even think about offering services to older people, but that could be a huge market! Thanks for commenting!