Friday, March 15, 2013

Bachelorette Party and Knitting?

Typically my purse contains a knitting project.  Something that is small and scrunchable, and easy to work on wherever I am.  This week the purse project is a pair of socks.  I had originally started socks with this gorgeous yarn ( but I wasn't really feeling the combination of yarn and pattern.  I hate to keep working on something that I am not thrilled with, so I set the socks aside for a bit.  This week I decided to start a different pattern with the same yarn.  I like it soo much better!

   Yesterday was my sister's bachelorette party and my knitting came along.  I don't drink so I had ample time to knit while others were drinking.  You can be a great observer while knitting!  It might be a tad unconventional to knit at a bachelorette party, but I'm not a conformist so out came the knitting.  Mind you I am knitting at the house, not while out to dinner or anything.  

PS Check out the view from my Uncle's house where we had the party!

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