Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Be Weird!

I have a bumper sticker on my truck that says "Debt is weird" and weird you might think we are!  Sick of throwing money away on rent for a run down apartment and not in a position to buy a house, we naturally decided to move into an rv.  Ok well maybe that's not a natural decision for most people.  Since Hubby got his new job and was commuting over an hour a day, we started looking at other living options.  We thought maybe we would move to the town his job is in... then we saw the rent prices and decided against it.  Somehow I got the idea that rv living would be an adventure and once I presented it to Hubby, he was thrilled!  We are now the proud owners of a used house on wheels.  
  We went to RV Outlet Mall first but the salesman was an a** hole.  When we told him we don't finance and were going to pay cash and were prepared to buy if we found something we liked in our budget, he told us to come back when we were serious and ready to buy.  Nobody pays cash for an rv.  We told him what our budget was and he showed us rvs double our price "so we could put that much cash down and finance the rest".  I think he got the point when he walked us to our truck with our debt free bumper stickers.
We then drove down the road to Crestview RV.  Our salesman was awesome!  Shout out to Gabriel!  We told him what our budget was and he thought it was awesome that we don't do debt.  He only showed us rvs in (and under) our budget.  When we found the one we wanted, he negotiated the out the door price to over $1100 less than the top of our budget.  We bought a 2006 Zinger and its definitely a fixer upper! 
This post shows all the before pictures so you can get an idea of what we are living in.  There is a master bedroom with a queen bed (when they say queen, they mean rv queen... our nice mattress only fits when we flip it sideways- more on that later).  The only "closets" are the cabinets in the pictures.  Then there is a living/dining/kitchen room all together.  The kitchen is teeny tiny but we will make it work (we did buy a new grill so we can cook outside).  The back room is a bunk room.  It has 4 bunk beds and a small cabinet/closet.  Technically the rv can sleep 8-10 people, or at least it could when we bought it.  
Since we brought it home, we have taken out the dinette and folding couch.  We have also removed 3 of the 4 bunks to make room for an office and storage.  I will post after pictures as we complete them.  Its tough to live and remodel/fix up the rv while working overtime..
We parked the rv at an awesome rv resort.  We are right on the river and Hubby loves to sneak down and go fishing.  Our "rent" is $300 which includes water, trash and the space.  We pay for the electric we use, which last month was only $60.  We are definitely saving money vs renting an apartment.  We factored in the cost of paying cash for the rv plus the space and we will break even after 1.5 years.  Anything after that is gravy on top for savings, and if we sell the rv, its pure profit.  So we need to live in the rv for at least 1.5 years!  Ill be posting the struggles and advantages of living in the rv as we go along.  
 What do you think?  Could you do it?


  1. Congratulations on your new home. We all have TO MUCH CRAP in our lives. Living small is the way to go! I have contemplated buying an RV too, but we need something winter worthy where I am. We recently heard of a large home schooling family who live in an RV, travelling all over North America.

    1. There are plenty of people who live in RVs even in the extreme cold! Dont let that deter you. There is a family here at our resort that have 9 kids in their rv and home school. I think that is awesome! We had to sell a ton of stuff and we have a small storage unit for the things we didn't want to part with (like family antiques, etc). It is amazing to see how little you really need, especially in the kitchen!