Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pickled Eggs

Has anyone ever tried pickled eggs?  I for one have not.  Maybe because I grew up in California and not the south, pickled food was not a big staple in our diet.  That said, it is one of the most basic ways of preserving food so I am trying new experiments.  Last week we had a surplus of eggs (before we knew we were getting pigs). I turned to the internet (man, what would I do without the internet?) to get ideas on how to use the eggs.  I love the idea that pickled eggs will still be there in the winter when the hens slow down, or stop laying all together.  Not knowing if I like pickled eggs I only made two quarts.  I am thinking I will slice some to top off a salad?  If you like pickled eggs, how do you eat them? At least they look pretty in the jars for now!


  1. I didn't know that pickled eggs could keep! Do you pressure can them? I've only ever had them fresh (granted, pickled eggs do NOT last long in our house... they're addictive. Especially when you add garlic ramps or wild leeks to them).

    1. Tollbaby-
      Yes, you can store pickled eggs. I water bath canned them, which to my understanding is fine, due to the large amounts of vinegar surrounding the eggs. If you wanted to pack them in water, I would assume you need to pressure can them (but then they wouldn't be pickled). Hope that helps. Adding garlic sounds yummy!

  2. We pickle them in beet juice. Yum... especially when using your own beets. I've never canned pickled eggs. Like the above comment, we've only eaten them fresh. They sit in the fridge in their pickling juices for about 2 days and then we start eating them. They are nice chopped on a salad, as a meal addition, and probably make good sandwiches.