Monday, August 26, 2013


During my no-blogging-because-i-chopped-off-my-finger (not really) break, we did manage to bring home 3 bunnies.  Two are American Blue and one is a Silver Fox New Zealand cross.  We will be breeding them come November.  I am trying to play with them on a daily basis so that they will be used to being handled and have a better temperament.   J (the 3 year old I nanny) really wants to play with them but I want to ensure they will be friendly with him before he is allowed to do so. 
 Beans (the cat) is checking out the new rabbit in the carrier
 This is our Silver Fox cross doe
Our American blue buns.  The boy is on the right and the girl on the top left

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  1. They are so cute. Did you get them as pets or for breeding and selling? Just a curious Grammy and Papa