Sunday, February 24, 2013

Even gnomes need gardens

I will be the first to admit that this post has absolutely nothing to do with homesteading, frugality or self sufficient living.  It is purely for fun!  Yesterday I was bored and browsing on pinterest.  I decided I wanted to make a "fairy garden" or in my case a gnome garden since I like the idea of gnomes way better than fairies.  So I got out my crafting supplies, some potting soil and ground cover and came up with this beauty.  The mini tree even has lights (with a tiny battery pack).  I made a tire swing from a tonka truck (sidenote- I was at the thrift shop looking for a cheap truck to jack the tires from, and I was all ready to pay.  While I was standing at the register they had a bin of keychains for sale.  The lady behind me was browsing through them and found a can of mace.  Before I could say what it was, she completely pepper sprayed both me and her on accident.  Worst thrift shop trip EVER! I do not recommend being pepper sprayed if you can avoid it...just a hint) Anyways, Everything except the plants and the lights came from used items.  For a little bit of whimsy this project was soooo much fun!  What do you think?