Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yesterday was an extremely long day. I woke at 520 to do the farm chores, showered/fed dogs at 540 and left the house by 600 to make it to work by 630. I got off work at 630pm, had to get gas and returned home by 715. The night before we added two new lambs to the farm (post coming soon) and they needed to be bottle fed. Its amazing how when they see the bottle they come running! By 730 I was done, and still had to do my marathon training mile (post on that coming I have been bad in the posting department). At this point it was starting to thunder, and even though I only had to walk a mile, I didn't want to be half a mile down the road and get stuck in a downpour. I left the dogs on the outside upper deck so they could have some fresh air. I have calculated our driveway, and from the entrance to our property line and back is 1/5 a mile. So if I do that 5 times, I have done a mile. This was a perfect solution because I could stay close to the house, keep an eye on the dogs and if it poured I would be ok. The first 2 laps I was accompanied with a symphony of thunder. By lap 3 it had started to drizzle. By the time I finished lap 4, I was soaked to the bone. To. The. Bone. I figured I was committed now and might as well do a 5th lap since I couldn't get any wetter. I turned around to start lap 5, and there was Whiskey. Somehow she jumped down from the deck. She absolutely hates the rain and must have got tired of waiting under the awning for me to return. i corralled her into the house, put both dogs to bed in their crate and headed back out into the monsoon. I finished lap 5 and looked like I had just jumped in a swimming pool. Even this morning my bra was too soaked to wear today. Its times like this when just for a moment I wish we had a drier. I could throw my clothes and shoes in and have them dry by the morning. Instead the clothes are hanging in the shower and might be dry tonight (but i am doubtful) I guess I wont be doing my mile walk today outside as the weatherman is calling for thunderstorms for the next few days. I finally came back in from my walk at 8, peeled off all my clothes and wrapped up in my robe. Thank goodness for robes and slippers! I watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie before heading to bed. What a long day! And today will be just the same, except hubby is on chore duty today, yay!

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