Monday, March 19, 2012

Back in Business

Victory Garden Farm is proud to announce that despite everything we have had going on, we are now back in business! You might remember we have been through a huge flood, job changes, possible foreclosure and oh so much more. We sadly sold all our animals last fall in anticipation of a possible move. Just last week, after discussing things with my ever wise parents, we decided to keep the place and see what happens with the army situation. For now, hubby is still in, and also working at Home Depot part time. I am working 2 part time jobs, so we are ok. It is super scary not knowing what will happen career wise for hubby.
All that aside, we are trying to come up with a 2 year plan. We are guessing hubby will be in the military for another year to two. If that is the case, we want to plant a garden and bring some animals back. We are not going to go "all in" with the animals yet until we know more. This weekend, we did get to bring home some goats and a few chickens. We bought 6 chickens from a farm in PA. Combined with the three we had left over we now have 7 hens and 2 roos. We also brought home a goat "family" on sat. The family consists of the mom, daughter and son. They are petite la manchas. I am not sure what the kids are mixed with but they are way more stocky than their mom. The mom is currently in milk, but since the previous owner hadnt been milking her, she is super skiddish and didnt give much milk. We might try her on the stand and if that doesnt work, we will dry her off and wait until we breed her in the fall. On Sunday we drove up to Pennsylvania to pick up a bred la mancha. She is about 2 months pregnant and will give us milk once she kids in the summer. We are so excited to add these new family members.
Hopefully in the next two years we will be able to fix up the house, so that when it does come time to get out of the military we will be able to sell or rent the place...Thanks for sticking by us dear readers (if anyone is left...) we look forward to sharing more farm news!


  1. I understand girl! We have put off buying anything other than chickens because we are unsure of what is going to happend with Todd's army career. Best of luck :)

  2. Wheee!! I'm still here, reading :) Glad for you that you get your animals back, but sad that that means it might be longer until I get to see you more!