Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Fresh Start

Okay, so this new years post is a bit late... but its here nevertheless. A new year brings a frest start, and boy is that true for us. Our life is in the middle of doing a 180. Just as things were getting comfortable here, we are re-evaluating. In Nov, hubby was told that he will be getting out of the Army. As part of the budget and troop reduction, they are eliminating any soldiers that have "issues". A few years ago hubby had knee surgery that wasnt done correctly. Now when he runs his knee is waaay too painful. Tomorrow he is having the knee surgery redone to try and fix the problem. According to the Army, if he cant run, he cant do a PT test. If he cant do a PT test, he cant deploy. If he cant deploy he shouldnt be in the Army... and so on. This process of getting out can take up to two years. They cant start the process until after he recovers from surgery.
Only having two years left in the army changes everything! After much prayer, discussion, debating and more prayer, we dont think we are meant to stay here. On one hand, the house has way too many issues (that will be another post completely), we have no family here and we would love to live closer to family. On the other hand, we love our little plot of land (maybe just not the house itself). We feel its best, once he is completely out of the army to move closer to family. Where exactly we wont know until we know when he will be out. So, knowing that in two years we will most likely be moving we have had to rethink our farm plans. We cant take livestock with us when we move. With that in mind, we have sold most of our livestock. What is the point in keeping a bred doe if we wont get to keep the kid or the milk. See, the process of getting out of the army can take up to two years. OR it can take as little as three months. The army loves to keep you at arms lenght and hold your future over your head. Of course, I honestly believe that God has the best plan for us. So if Uncle Sam wants to threaten my future, I am ok with that. No matter what, God is looking out for me. When it comes to the animals, I would rather assure them good homes now. I would hate to wait until the last minute and sell them to someone who will just take them to auction. Sadly we said goodbye to the pigs. to the goats. to the sheep. to (most of) the chickens. to the turkeys (they went to the butcher). to the rabbits. We said goodbye to the farm equipment and supplies. We still have some chickens for now. I couldnt give up my daily fresh eggs just yet. There is a huge financial loss to keep animals over the winter and sell them in the spring. I would have loved to keep everyone until the last minute, but financially it isnt possible. Thankfully they are all doing well in their new homes and I am convinced they will be just as loved there.
Hubby and I are left with a lot of free time now that daily chores dont take so long. Our weekends are free to do house projects instead of farm projects. In the past year we went from no animals, to livestock, and back to none (well except the house animals). We do know that where ever we end up, we want livestock again. I love milking the goats and collecting eggs from my hens. It might be a few years before we get the livestock numbers back up, but it will happen.
Tomorrow I will drive hubby into town for his surgery. I pray his recovery will be quick! Please forgive me for not posting since Nov, but to say I have been in a funk is an understatement. Wait until you see what we have done to the living room though...here's to a fresh start!


  1. I hope the surgery went well! you guys are in my thoughts!

  2. Wow, big changes indeed. Praying for you guys, and hope the surgery goes smoothly!