Sunday, August 21, 2011

Now you see you dont...

Two days ago one of the upstairs rooms served as our office, aka man cave. Yesterday it turned into our bedroom. You see, since we are going to remodel the whole basement, everything needs to come out of it. We dont have a garage to store stuff. The mattress downstairs was moldy, along with a great many other things. When I am in a time of material need, I turn to craigslist. Craigslist is awesome! For example- we needed a new bed. Not just any bed. We decided if we had to start from scratch, we would get a king size bed. We shopped at ikea. I just couldnt swipe my debit card for the $500 bed and $500 mattress. No siree I couldnt. Thats a lot of mulah. Especially for a bed. So hubby made a list of the beds we liked (he loves making lists and taking notes when we shop- maybe because I keep changing my mind?). I searched high and low on craigslist for something that would work. Then I found it. The holy grail of beds (if you are on a craigslist budget and need something asap). $100 bought the headboard, frame, footboard, rails and mattress. Thats a pretty stinking good deal if you ask me. The mattress has been steam cleaned, and has a mattress pad over it. It will work until we can buy a new mattress. With craigslist you have to act fast. Everyone else is looking for the same good deal as you. So on thursday after hubbys cancelled softball game, we high tailed it down to baltimore and picked up the bed. It has been parked in our living room since. Well, half was in the living room, and half in the kitchen. I was not a happy camper. Neither was hubby. The dogs didnt know what to think of it. Yesterday we cleared everything out of the office. We gave the turtle and tank away to an amazing family (via craigslist). We started painting. We set up the bed. We love it! Not too bad for a 24 hour makeover. The king bed takes up the entire room. Its not ideal for the long haul, but it works until downstairs is done and we can have a huge room then. If you had come to our house on friday you would have seen an a bedroom. ha!

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