Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A little crazy around here

Sorry I have been MIA lately. It seems the basement has eaten me whole! Back in may, the basement flooded. The basement has taken us on a whirlwind trip ever since then. We shop vac'd the carpets. didnt work. we pulled carpets out. we pulled pergo wood floors up. we pulled up laminate flooring under the carpet and pergo. we took out a kitchen. for every one thing we do down in the basement, we find two more things wrong.
Yesterday while hubby was at work, I was "working" in the basement bedroom. I decided it was time to wash the sheets to keep them fresh. When I pulled off the sheets, to my horror I found mold (just a small spot but there nonetheless) on the mattress. Out went the mattress. The sheets got washed with bleach. When hubby got home we started to move the couch into the basement bedroom. Hubby lifted up a couch cushion, and guess what he found...mold...i am sick of the m word. We are washing all the quilts that were displayed in the basement just in case.
I am not even going to get into the finding a contractor nightmare...I wish a basement fairy would come and clean up the basement (by the way did i mention we found mouse skeletons? and nests?) and furnish it with non moldy furniture...
Hubby and I are going to tackle the workout room today after I work 9-5. Until we get this figured out, all outdoorsy projects have been put on hold. There is a pile of fencing ready to be put up. There are plants that need planting, and a pig pen that needs building. oh yeah, and a basement. Did I mention our basement is a nightmare?
I dont mean to be negative, I am just overwhelmed with this all. On a good note, I have found a few couches on craigslist that we could get on the cheap. A mattress will need to be bought new. The basement should be super nice when its finished. I am glad we are finding all of this now, before guests stay down there. I am so thankful for Hubby and all his hardwork. I am always thankful for my parents support. I am glad that we get to put our stamp on the basement. I have a stash of antique doors, and a mantel that will find themselves worked into the remodel. Ill post more about them tomorrow. Until then.

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  1. If you get 50 comments from me, sorry. Blogger is acting crazy so I'm using the anonymous option. Anyway, that sounds terrible. Good luck! The Weekend Homesteader