Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How We Got Rid of the Dog Crate

Living in an RV means that space is at a premium!  Having two large dogs means that space is extra precious.  Our RV is broken up into three main rooms.  The bedroom, the living/dining/kitchen, and the back room.  The back room used to be the bunk room, but we took out the bunks to make room for us to live here.  RVs are definitely not intended for full time living, but thats another post... In the back room we had set up the dogs crate.  They share a crate and its huge!  I was constantly frustrated with the dead space for the crate.  We tried not crating the dogs when we are gone or sleeping but they are too destructive without us, so a crate is necessary.  I turned to good old Pinterest for some ideas on how to save space with a dog crate.  There were so many gorgeous built in dog crates, or dog rooms but nothing would work for us.  
Finally I had the idea to repurpose the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  Its the largest cabinet in the RV and is just big enough for the dogs.  I took out the shelves in the cabinet and took off one of the cabinet doors.  I was going to build a cute barn door style cabinet door, but then found this gate thing at Hobby Lobby.  I attached the gate to the side of the cabinet so it doesnt open.  On the other side of the cabinet is another door (right under the sink) that they use for an entrance.  Thankfully our dogs do not challenge doors, so I just added two hook and eyes to close the cabinet door.  I put their dog beds in the cabinet and after luring them in with treats they now know this as their new "bed" and run right in when we say "go to bed".  
I couldnt get the old crate out of the back room soon enough.  Now we can arrange the back room to be more livable and useable.  What do you think?  Would you remodel a cabinet for a dog room?

Jack loves the new house and has a front row view of our comings and goings in the front door.  

This "Love You" sign is perfect to cover up the fire extinguisher hole, and it adds more ventilation with the holes in the letters.  
 This was the half wall before we started remodeling.
In progress... the fire extinguisher we have doesnt even fit in the hole for it, so we had to mount it on the wall.

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