Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday- Frugal TV

My first thought when thinking about living in town, was getting to catch up on tv shows.  Living out in the country, we werent able to get cable without paying an arm and a leg.  So within the first week of moving in to our new rental house, I called the cable company and ordered internet and cable.  $140 per month?  ok sure!  Thankfully they couldn't schedule a hook up until the first of the year.  The day after calling the cable company Hubby and I sat down for a chat.  When we really started thinking about the price of cable, neither of us was comfortable about paying that much.  Not when we are clipping coupons and trying to save money.  I immediately called and canceled our order.  Later that afternoon Hubby remembered we had an antennae box (like the modern version of bunny ears for your tv).  He brought it out, hooked it up and guess what?  We get about 10 channels!  Among them are the big networks like ABC, NBC and CBS.  We also get pbs and a bunch of Spanish stations.  Now we might not be able to record our favorite shows, but free tv?  Ill take it!  We decided we would put $140 a month into a special savings account so we can see how much tv would have cost.  I felt like we were being rewarded for canceling cable.  Now if we had been really smart from the get go we would have tried the antennae before calling the cable company. 
  Do you have cable?  Bunny ears?  Any funny stories like this? I would love to hear what other people do for tv.


  1. We have absolute basic cable to get the local channels, and I'm 'in town'. ;-) It's like $11 a month and gets bundled with our cable modem for internet services. A lot less than the $75 a month for the package deal that lets you record stuff. It works for us along with Netflix.

    1. Wow, that is a great price for cable. I will have to see if our provider offers a basic package that low. We have internet through Sprint, so unless we cancel that, we can't bundle cable with internet. Sounds like you got a great deal!