Sunday, September 1, 2013

Welcome September

How did it get to be September already?  I know its not a surprise really.  September follows August every year.  I just can't believe that August is done and September is here.  I love beginnings.  The beginning of the week, the beginning of a book, and especially the beginning of a new month.  September is a good month in my book.  It is leading up to October (one of my favorite months).  September brings the promise of Fall.
  So in the spirit of it being a new month and all, Hubby and I decided to start a challenge.  For the whole month we are giving up the tv.  To you it might not seem like a big move considering how we get zero channels.  zilch.  not a one.  That said, we do watch a lot of movies and tv series from the library.  Hubby loves playing his video games so this is a huge thing for him.  I want to take this month and see what happens when we are not zoned out watching something on the tv.
  How did the first day go you might ask?  Better than expected!  I took a nice hot bath and started a new book (Start, by Jon Acuff).  I was worried that Hubby would be resentful so imagine my surprise when I got out of the tub and found him diligently working.  My grandpa had given Hubby a 1943 bayonet on one of our visits home.  Hubby is determined to restore it and had everything sprawled out on the table.  He didn't complain at all.
  Its amazing how when tv is not an option you can find other things to do.  We have a million and one unread books in the house.  I rarely start a new one because I don't have the "time".  Hubby usually watches tv to relax, but this evening found an alternative source of relaxation.  I will keep you updated on how our challenge is going.  But for now, goodbye tv!
  PS I forgot to mention that since I removed the tv, the living room also got a revamp.  The couch no longer needs to face the tv stand.  The room feels so much larger and more relaxing already!

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