Monday, April 9, 2012

How I save Mulah$$

I thought I would share my awesome deal from today with ya'll.  I stopped by Safeway after work today just for some pizza crust.  We have a small amount of fresh veggies from our garden, as well as sauce and cheese.  I thought I would make a from the garden veggie pizza and didnt have time to make home made pizza crust. Anyways, I digress... so I stopped by Safeway, and took my coupon binder in just in case.  Weellllll... they had 4 packs of yoplait greek yogurt for 1/2 half off (blueberry only).  Instead of $3.29 which would be the normal price, they were marked down to $164.50.  I had a $.75 coupon.  I figured I would pay $.90 cents each.  Not bad... wait for get's better... Safeway doubles coupons $.99 and under.  Who knew?  Ends up that my 4 pack of yogurt was $.14 cents.  Wahoo!  Now thats a way to save.  My bill came out to $10.40 and included 3 4packs of yogurt, 2 iced coffees (ill come back to them later) and 2 packs of pizza dough.  This was less than my lunch bill and will last way longer than just one meal.  I figure we can get at least 2 meals from the pizzas.  The iced coffees save money because a) I had a coupon for them and b) they keep me satisfied so I dont have to buy a $5 frappacino.  In the afternoons I tend to crave something cold and coffee-y.  Starbucks frappacino light is my go to drink but at $5 a pop it has a hefty price tag.  These international delight coffee drinks are a half gallon for $3.99.  I had a $1.00 coupon so I paid $2.99 for a half gallon.  That will last me quite a while.  Starbucks beware (or at least send me coupons so I can afford your coffee).  Sadly the only things I didnt have a coupon for was the pizza crust (which was the one thing I actually needed), but never fear- they were on sale 2/$4.  So technically everything I got was on sale, or at $.14 nearly free.  If only every grocery trip was this mulah saving!
  P.S. You know how the register prints out more coupons?  Yup.. another one for the coffee drinks.  Yay!

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