Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Can you feel it in the air?

Its here, its really here! At least for this week, it feels like fall. My favorite season! When the leaves start to turn the color of the fire crackling in the winter. When the coffee shops serve pumpkin flavored drinks. When I trade in iced coffee drinks as my favorites of the moment for warm drinks that start at my throat and warm me down to my toes. Where the air is crisp, allowing me to wear hand knit shawls. I could go on and on about fall, but I am sure you feel the same way.
Right now my sister in law is visiting. We have been taking time off from the farm to play tour guides. Yesterday we toured Washington DC. Thursday we are headed up to Lancaster. Today is on the cold side, with tons of rain, so we are curled up in the living room. Sister in law is napping and I am working on spinning up some yarn. The movie Julie and Julia is on in the background, but neither of us is really paying attention.
On Sunday we welcomed 2 new angora girls into the farm family. Their job will be to produce fur to be spun into yarn. I am envisioning wearing woolen mittens lined with angora fur while doing chores this winter. We will try to breed one of the girls and see how that goes before commiting to breeding the others.
I am going to get back to my spinning wheel now. Hopefully this week I will have some skeins of yarn to proudly show you. Until then, go order or make yourself a pumpkin coffee drink my friends and enjoy it!

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