Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rest In Peace Sweat Pea

I am sad to say that we have had our first death on our farm. Sweat Pea (what we were calling her until we named her) was found dead yesterday morning. I think she was sick when we got her. Stinky Butt (long story), her companion, is doing fine. She is putting on weight, loves to run and bound and eat anything in sight. Sweat Pea, on the other hand was not gaining weight, walked with stiff legs and had a ton of eye gunk. We assumed this was because she was little, but maybe it was because she was sick. Had we thought for a moment she was really sick, we would have had a vet look at her. I feel that it was our fault for not thinking it was something to be worried, but how were we to know? Hubby burried her in the woods yesterday, and marked her grave with a makeshift cross. Heres to Sweat Pea! Stinky Butt (named so because she had diarrhea the first day we got her and havent come up with an official name yet) is doing splendid. Hubby put up a new fenced area in the brush, and she is an eating machine! Ill post pictures later tonight. Hubby attached the fencing to the calf hutch so that she has plenty of covered space. We will move the fencing once she eats the brush in this area.

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